Public Works

The Public Works Department is made up of a team of educated and experienced individuals that looks to service and better our community at its base; the roads, homes, buildings, and environment.


With over 200 homes in Pikwakanagan including over 40 rental units available to members, our housing services offer assistance to members to maintain, repair, buy, and/or rent a home. We offer guidance and financial assistance to eligible community members and to ensure we can accommodate to our clients.


Public Works is responsible for: snow plowing, road repairs and construction, sanding and salting of roads, and various other duties. As a community, we also overlook and take our environment into consideration so we continue to implement Mikin√Ęk (Turtle) fencing and crossing signs.

Culvert Replacement Project on Kokomis Inamo from July 2018

funded in part by Infrastructure Canada

Community Buildings

Public Works is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of community buildings. This includes overlooking repairs, new renovations and/or constructions. We continue to look for ways for our community to excel and benefit from these constructions and renovations and how we can best serve our community buildings.

Recycling & Waste Management

In the community, we provide our members with free waste and recycling pick-up. Our employees work daily to increase and employ effective waste diversion strategies by sorting and organizing our landfill site. This is part of our efforts to serve the community and limit the ecological footprint we create as a community.

Fire & Rescue

Our community is proud to have our own fire and rescue team made up of volunteer community members and other volunteers alike. Our department assists with recommending training and funding opportunities and assists with providing the fire departments administrative duties. Public works is very proud to assist in providing the community with this safety precaution and the Fire Department and Public Works is always searching and finding ways to better the safety of our community.