We are presently still issuing Status Cards from this office. INAC is phasing these cards out and the new cards will be the only ones available. In order to obtain a new secure card or amend anything on your card now, you must provide original documentation i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificates, passports etc. We will assist in completing the forms and provide them to the member to send to Indigenous Affairs. We cannot take the responsibility of any original document being lost in the mail or by INAC.

Jan Leroux – Manager, Lands, Estates & Membership

Kassandra Sackaney – Administrative Assistant

T: 613-625-2800
F: 613-625-2332

Band Governance

The Manager acts as Registrar for the Membership Code and the Residency Law. Any person who acquires status and is affiliated with our First Nation must apply for membership and be accepted as a member. This applies to children also. Anyone wishing to reside in Pikwakanagan must apply and be granted permission to do so. This applies to anyone, whether a member or not.

Membership Application for Adults (18 years and Older)

Membership Application for Dependents (Under 18 years)

Residency Application

The Manager acts as Electoral Officer on all elections and Referendum or Ratification Officer on all votes. We are now in the midst of amending the Election Code to clarify the wording and to allow off-reserve members to run for Office in accordance with a Court Decision. A Referendum Vote will be conducted to accept or reject the changes by the membership.


We act as Indian Registrar Administrator on behalf of Indigenous Affairs. We issue the laminated cards from our office for our members as well as members from other First Nations with permission. The laminated cards are continuing and will not become extinct as previously informed. You can apply for the Secure Status Card through the links. The application for a status card now forms part of the Application for Indian Registration. You will need passport pictures and a Guarantor form as well. The links are below.