Laws and By-laws

Matrimonial Real Property Law

Our Matrimonial Real Property Law was passed by Referendum and is now in the Court in Pembroke.  This Law will be used if an agreement cannot be reached between spouses, upon the death of a member spouse and in a divorce proceeding.  This law only deals with the Matrimonial Home and how it will be dealt with in the situations described above.

Residency Law

We have our own Residency Law.  Anyone wishing to move into Pikwakanagan must obtain permission by completing the application. Even a member must apply.  If  you are a non-member you must supply a Police Information Record and meet the criteria outlined in the law.

Residency Application

Membership Code

When a person is successful in being registered under the Indian Act and obtains a registration number, it is determined by Indian Affairs what First Nation that person is affiliated with.  In order to become a member, they must apply by completing the application for themselves or for their child. They must also provide a family tree indicating where the Algonquin lineage is, proof of registration, and adults must provide a Police Information Record (does not have to be a vulnerable sector check).  We determine membership in accordance with our Membership Code.

Membership Application for Adults (18 years and Older)

Membership Application for Dependents (Under 18 years)

Election Code

Our Code has been existence since 1999.  We have the right to determine how our Elections for Council are conducted.  Our Code is presently under review and we are starting the process to have it amended to make the intent clearer and to ensure our Rules of Procedures do not conflict with our Code.  Consultation will take place soon then a Referendum will be called.


Court Decisions on Election Appeals

AOPFN Appeal Board Decision

Federal Court Decision

Federal Court of Appeal Decision

Federal Court of Appeal

Animal Control Law

The Animal Control Law deals with registration of animals, rabies, the Animal Control Officer and other issues regarding dogs and other animals.