Chief and Council

Nígánizí Gamik (Council House)

Pikwakanagan operates under a custom election code passed by referendum in March, 2009. It is governed by one Chief and six Councillors elected every three years by voting the membership of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation. The next regular election for Chief and Council will be held in March of 2020.

The Chief and Council are accountable and reports to the members of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation. Their mission is, “To provide effective and fair Algonquin Government for the benefit of the First Nation.”

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Kirby Whiteduck

Kirby earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Anthropology from York University and has partially completed a Masters of Social Work from Carleton University. He holds a Native Counsellors Certificate from the Ministry of Education of Ontario.

Jim Meness

Councillor Jim Meness has been an elected member of Council since 1999. Jim is highly involved in First Nation politics both at the local level and at the national level.  Jim is aware of all the issues that affect our people. Jim has been trained in the area of negotiation skills and effective decision making.

Ron Bernard

Ron was born in the Spring of 1937, in the home of his maternal grandparents ,Frank and Margaret Jane Baptiste Pessindawatch, on Golden Lake Indian Reserve #39 (now called Pikwakanagan).

Dan Kohoko

Dan is a member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation at Golden Lake in Ontario. Prior to being elected, he worked as Pikwakanagan’s Executive Director for 4 years. 

Wendy-Anne Jocko

Wendy-Anne Jocko was born on February 2, 1960 and is the daughter of Leo Jocko and Williamina McKay. She has four children and three grandchildren. Wendy returned to Pikwakanagan in 1996 with her four children when she was posted to Garrison Petawawa. From 1979-2002 Wendy was a member of the Canadian Forces where she served as a Supply Technician.

Steven Benoit

Steven Benoit was born on August 21, 1973 . Steven lives in Pikwakanagan and is the father of three wonderful children. Steven has worked in a variety of public positions where he has gathered experience and brings a very approachable and friendly manner that has workman attitude to everyday business. 

Barbara Sarazin

Barbara Sarazin was born February 17, 1959. Barbara is a member of the Algonquin’s of Pikwakanagan First Nation. Her husband is Gary (Bull) Sarazin, they were married May 1980 he is her rock and life-long partner. Barbara is a mother & grandmother and in her Pikwakanagan Community she is sister, auntie, mom and grandmother to many.

Alanna Hein, Executive Assistant for Chief and Council