Prevention Services

Anishinabek Gamik Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services

Anishinabek Gamik Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services encompasses a variety of services intended to protect and strengthen families. The goal of Anishinabek Gamik is to develop, promote, deliver and assess programs, materials and resources that are made available to Pikwakanagan members.  The intent of Anishinabek Gamik is to strengthen family and community unity without the use of abuse or violence towards any living being.


Family & Individual Counselling
Counselling services are provided to  assist family members with day-to-day problem solving skills, encourage, understand and strengthen family relationships and provide support and education to mothers & fathers who are experiencing special life crisis.

Assessment Services
Assessment Services assesses family units to determine the strengths and needs of the family system.

Tangible Support Services
Tangible support services are a temporary emergency measure which stabilizes a crisis situation and reduces the risk of child protection/intervention.

Advocacy and Liaison Services
Advocacy and liaison services promotes and affirms the efforts of the family to address child welfare related concerns.

Educational and Life Skills Development Services
Provides educational resources and tools for families who require assistance in dealing with: child behaviour management, relationship building, problem resolution and communication techniques.

Plans for Services
Implements plans for service with families to ensure effective services are provided based on the strengths and needs of the family.

Plans of Care Assistance
Works with Family & Children's Services of Renfrew County, the band court representative and parents to develop appropriate plans of care for children on child protection matters.

Information Support and Referral Services
Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services Worker(s) will encourage families to utilize appropriate resources available within Pikwakanagan Where no appropriate services are available to meet the needs of the child, they will ensure that referrals are completed to external service provider and programs. They will assist in implementing, ensuring and developing a coordinated and cooperative strategy in response to the needs of clients.

Traditional/Counselling Workshops
Offers counselling to support members in traditional methods of healing the mind, body, spirit and emotion. These services may include: history, social impact, healing circles and traditional ceremonies.

St. John's Babysitting Course (Ages 10 - 16 years)
This award-winning course teaches the skills necessary to care for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It emphasizes safety, dealing with emergencies and first aid basics. Approximately nine youth graduate annually.

Teen Facts (Ages 11 - 16 years)
Offers information to teens on topics such as:  peer pressure, positive assertiveness, and resolving conflict. It began in September 1998 and continues to be one of our most popular programs amongst our teens.

Kid Facts (Ages 7 – 11)
Promotes awareness in issues such as: bulling, stranger danger and drug awareness/prevention.It began in September 2005 and was so well received that it has become part of our regular programming. 

Junior Facts (Ages 5 to 7)
Promotes fun and preventative issues appropriate to this age group. It  began in 2009 to fill a gap in programming for the children in this age group and continues to be well received by our members.

Leather and Regalia Programming
We are currently coordinating a regalia making class for members to learn new skills and to come together to socialize. In 2008/09 we offered a leather crafting program and in 2009/10 we held a regalia making program.  

Catchment Area
The catchment areas of Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services focuses on Pembroke, Killaloe, Barry's Bay, Eganville and to the extent that the resources are available.
Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services may also rely on inter - agency cooperation with other Native Child and Family Service Agencies, when servicing members who live off - reserve.

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