Algonquins believe they are one of many caretakers of all living things on this planet. With this belief in mind, Pikwakanagan established a harvest plan to ensure animals and plants remain a healthy sustainable number and are kept in balance with conservation and safety.

The Harvest Department is comprised of two Conservation Officers, several monitors, and an Administrative Clerk to ensure that the Algonquin nation law concerning hunting and fishing within Algonquin territory is upheld. The Conservation Officers work under the supervision of the Executive Director.

By monitoring, managing and enforcing plans and laws we can ensure conservation is maintained for the benefit of all and for future generations.


Conservation Officers
Responsible for: operation of the Harvest Plan; providing guidance on wildlife habitat and restocking; communicating with other First Nations and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on fish and wildlife programs; conflict resolution on: apprehensions; laying charges, seizing evidence, filing reports, investigations and working with the Tribunal on related charges.

Harvest Clerk
Provides assistance and communications for the Algonquin Harvest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, and other government agencies. Responsible for issuing moose, elk, special permits and netting permits. Reports harvesting statistics on successful moose and deer hunts.

Harvest Monitors
Responsible for monitoring the annual harvest.
For inquiries regarding all Harvest related activities please contact Algonquin Harvest Department at 613-625-2800 ext. 236

Moose & Elk Draw

Moose Draw Results 2016-2017

Elk Draw Results 2016-2017



Harvest Management Plan

2016-2017 AOO Harvest Management Plan

Harvest Protocol


Application Coverletter (harvest dates)
Moose Application Form
Elk Application Form

Harvest Monitors

Harvesters are required to register at the monitoring station upon entering Algonquin Park. All hunters who harvest a moose or deer must stop to provide details of their harvest to the Pikwakanagan Conservation Officers as they leave the park with the animal carcass. In the event that one is unable to register a harvest with the Conservation Officers, it is their responsibility to report the harvest within 24 hours to the Algonquin Harvest Department.