Members of the Health Centre and Fire Department participate in a number of courses and training including first aid and an Intermediate Cardiac Life Support Program (ICLS).

The full day ICLS course was designed to provide participants with a practical approach to the evaluation and management of the first ten minutes of an adult in cardiac arrest. The goal is to provide each participant with the skills and knowledge required for adult resuscitation. The program is not meant to license but to be a tool for use.

The program is interactive and designed to be a fun way to learn the tools necessary for resuscitation. Participants included: Alex Commanda, Peggy Dick, Rose Marie Dolmer, Maureen Kauffeldt, Cliff Meness, Jim Meness, Scott Nerlich, Marlene Sackaney, Dr. Blair Voyvodic, Joanne Whiteduck and Pauline Wilcox.
The ICLS course supplied the equipment for the class. The defibrillator is kept on the fire truck. The fire department staff have been trained to use the equipment and the Health Care staff can function as their back up. Additional equipment necessary to the task includes face masks, a suction device and supplied air.

HeartSafe Emergency Medical Solutions of Ottawa offers the ICLS training. Their professionals believe that first aid training is crucial for the safety and protection of family members and communities. Trained members of the community have been proven to significantly improve a person’s chances of survival and recovery.

All members of Pikwakanagan Fire and Rescue are also trained in Safety Oriented First Aid and CPR through St. John Ambulance.