Animal Control

An Animal Control Officer ensures Animal Control Laws are adhered to and that people are protected from villainous animals. An Animal Registry is kept to record animals residing in the community.

The Animal Control Officer has the power to apprehend or destroy villainous animals. Animals may also be impounded and the owner is responsible for all costs incurred. Animals must not run at large and identification tags must be worn on the animal. Abused or ill-treated animals may be seized. Rabid animals may be apprehended and quarantined or destroyed. The destruction of any animal will be humane. Objections may be made to impoundment. No wild animals are to be keep in the community except under such conditions as fixed by the Council. Dogs should not be permitted to disturb the community with barking, howling or growling. Fines may be placed on owners for allowing dogs to run at large or for obstructing the Animal Control Officer or for animal disturbance.