Algonquins of Ontario
Land Claim Negotiations

The Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation Chief and Council have been negotiating with the federal and Ontario government to secure a land claim agreement. The land claim agreement aims to include a just recognition of Algonquin rights and title, land natural resources, self-government, compensation and other matters.

The Algonquins of Ontario have Aboriginal rights and title to lands and resources within the Ottawa River and Mattawa River watersheds in Ontario—rights and title which have never been surrendered. The Algonquin nation has owned, used and occupied the Algonquin Territory long before the first European contact with archeological evidence showing Algonquins occupying the Ottawa valley for at least the last 10,000 years. That occupation—historically recognized by the Crown—gives rise both in common law and Algonquin law to ownership in the form of Aboriginal title, as well as particular Aboriginal rights. It also gives human rights by international law. 

What area is included in the claim?
The Algonquin Traditional Territory in Ontario is an area of over 9 million acres (14,000 square miles) within the watersheds of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers. The area that is the subject of the Algonquin claim in Ontario includes the National Capital Region, all of Renfrew County and most of Algonquin Park.


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Negotiations Update


The monthly Algonquin Negotiation Representative (ANR) and the Main Table Negotiation meetings are continuing. Chapters for the Agreement in Principle (AIP) have been drafted by the parties and a tentative agreement reached to include a number of elements. View more