Jim Meness



Jim Meness has been an elected member of Council since 1999. He is highly involved in First Nation politics both at the local level and at the national level.  He is aware of all the issues that affect our people. He has been trained in the area of negotiation skills and effective decision making. He has represented the Algonquins at conferences and seminars at all levels of government and has been a key player in the conservation of the moose population in the area as well as the protection of the Algonquin Park wolves. 

Jim has lived in the community since the early 90’s and has always had a keen interest in the issues that First Nation people face. When he moved he worked for a local construction company and also for the Fish and Wildlife Commission.  Prior to his involvement with the community he lived in Southern Ontario.

Jim is an active member of the Pikwakanagan Fire/Rescue Department and has received many certifications from the Ontario Fire College in the area of fire protection as well as certification in the area of chemical, nuclear and bio-hazardous terrorism awareness.  He has received training and certification from the Ministry of Natural Resources in Law enforcement and he has been certified by the Ontario Provincial Police as an instructor for search and rescue. 

In his spare time he likes to enjoy the outdoors.