Jerrow Harold Lavalley (Jerry)


Born in the community on March 1, 1942, Jerry graduated from high school in 1959 and became a Junior Forest Ranger in a summer program in North Bay. In 1960 he received a certificate in Jr. Accounting from Shaw Business School in Toronto. He worked in the community for six months as a clerk typist for the Indian Agent and decided this work was not well suited for him. He returned to school in Ottawa and received a certificate in Architectural Drafting. After working in Toronto for two years, he moved to Detroit to work as a mechanical draftsman designing tools for the assembly of auto bodies. He also lived and worked in Cleveland for one year and then in Chicago for six years. Jerry worked a total of 33 years in the U.S.A.

Taking early retirement in 1998, he returned home to the community and designed and supervised the building of the house he occupied with his wife Delphine. They had a total of eight children. (Sadly, Jerry became a widower with the passing of his wife in August of 2009.)

Asked to run for Council in an Interim Election in October 2000, he is now in his fifth term as Councillor and presently holds the portfolio for Education and Social as well as being an Algonquin Negotiation Representative (ANR) for the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) Land Claim.

Jerry attempts to play golf and enjoys hunting, fishing, woodworking, carpentry and considers himself a handyman.