Algonquins of Pikwakanagan


The Post-Secondary Student Counsellor assists registered Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation students to gain access to a post-secondary education and to graduate with the qualification and skills needed to pursue individual careers.

Virginia Sarazin-Lasenby, Post-Secondary Student Counsellor
Tel: 613-625-2800 ext. 238
Fax: 613-625-2449
Email:ac.na1674852275ganak1674852275awkip1674852275@yrad1674852275noces1674852275.tsop1674852275 ¬1674852275

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Post Secondary Policy 2021 is available by contacting the Post-Secondary Student Counsellor.
  • Must be a registered member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation.

Funding Process 

  • There is only one intake of applications per year. The application deadline is May 15th every year.
  • Applications are currently available by mail only and or accessible on our website.
  • The Manager reviews all applications and the Post-Secondary Student Counsellor notifies all applicants of their status.

A completed application consists:

  • Letter of intent (re: course of study/future plan);
  • Copy of Status Card ‚Äď both sides;
  • Transcripts from last year of study (all students);
  • Current prices for tuition, textbooks and supplies;
  • Full program description and diploma requirements;
  • Letter of acceptance from institution of choice; and
  • Proof of dependents, if applicable.

Priority System for Funding

Since we usually have more prospective students applying than we have funds, a priority system was designed:

  • Priority 1 – Continuing Students
  • Priority 2 – Secondary School Graduates
  • Priority 3 – Mature Students
  • Priority 4 – Part-Time Students
  • Priority 5 – Students returning to Post-Secondary Education

Appeal Process

Students may appeal decisions to The Standing Committee of Council for Education and Cultural Development. If they are not successful they may appeal to the Executive Director for a final decision.


The Post-Secondary Student Counsellor supports our students by:

  • Counselling in course selection
  • Guidance with the policy and criteria for sponsorship
  • Provides academic support ‚Äď addresses learning concerns
  • Assists with arrangements for tutoring services
  • Provides personal support and referrals
  • Communicates regularly with students by phone and email
  • Provides on-site student visits (within Ontario and upon approval)
  • Resources for alternative funding including scholarships and bursaries