January 2021

Members of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation (AoPFN)

 As you may or may not be aware, the First Nation does not have the means to properly enforce our Laws in Pikwakanagan.  By developing our own Enforcement Law under the Framework Agreement which governs our Land Code, we have the authority to develop this Law.  This law will only apply to lands within Pikwakanagan.

We are asking for any comments or concerns that you may have under the proposed Law.  There is a full draft copy available on our web page for your review.  If you want a hard copy or one by e-mail, please contact Kassandra at 613-625-2800 or and she will provide you with one.  If you have any questions, on the content, you may contact Jan Leroux at the same number or    The following is a summary of the law.

Enforcement Law Summary


  • Set out the principles, procedural rules and administrative structures that apply to the enforcement of AoPFN Laws in accordance with the Framework Agreement and our Land Code.
  • Provide administrative structure and power for the enforcement of Land Code and any and all law accepted under the Land Code.

Authority of a Community Peace Officer

  • Educate people in the community and visitors
  • Issue verbal warning, notices, tickets or orders under the application law
  • Serve informations and summons in accordance with the Summary Conviction Procedures under the Criminal Code.


  • Outlines when and how warning, notices, tickets or orders are to be applied.

Failure to Respond to a Ticket or Notice

  • Describe on how we can enforce the notice or order and collect on tickets


  • Outlines how someone can appeal the notice order or ticket, to have it reduced or longer to pay.