Algonquins of Pikwakanagan

Child & Family Services

Anishinabek Gamik
Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services seek to support our children, youth, and families by providing a number of services that promote and enhance family strengths.

Our focus is on prevention, early intervention, and protection; ensuring that Algonquins of Pikwakanagan members’ children and families are safe and that their unique needs are addressed and advocated for.

1467 Mishomis Inamo
Pikwakanagan, ON, Canada
K0J 1X0

T: 613-625-2173
F: 613-625-2294


Band Representatives

The Band Representative office is located at 1467 Mishomis Inamo, Anishinabek Gamik Pikwakanagan Child & Family Services

Randi-Lee Lamure, Band Representative
Phone: 613-625-2173 ext. 223
Email: ac.na1679440783ganak1679440783awkip1679440783@sfc.16794407831noit1679440783never1679440783p1679440783

Alexandra Freed, Band Representative
Phone: 613-625-2160
Email: ac.na1679440783ganak1679440783awkip1679440783@sfc.1679440783rgm1679440783

Emails will be answered within 24 hours

Mino Pimadiziwin
Family Well Being Program


Family Well Being Program is prevention focused, community-led, and will address the root causes of violence, trauma, and over-representation of indigenous youth in child welfare and youth justice systems.

The Family Well Being program has been designed to support families in crisis and help communities heal and recover from intergenerational trauma by connecting clients to existing services and programs in our community. The Family Well Being program will design culturally based, preventative and holistic supports and provide services/programs to families who have been exposed to and/or have experienced trauma.

Family Well Being Coordinator

Family Well Being Worker

Mino Pimadiziwin
1467 Mishomis Inamo
Pikwakanagan, ON, Canada
K0J 1X0

T: 613-625-1266