A Message from Chief Wendy Jocko

A Message from Chief Wendy Jocko

Dear Members of Pikwakanagan First Nation,

This situation is one that requires presence on the land. We must respond mostly virtually due to COVID, which makes demonstrations, direct action and gathering difficult. With all the necessary precautions in place, a small delegation will be travelling to Kitigan Zibi with the Pikwakanagan flag and the following supplies:

3x –  10/12 tarps
A camping table with four stools
4x – emergency blankets
3x propane cylinders
A propane stove
A cooler
500ft alluminum foil
4x blankets
Hot paws foot warmers and hand warmers
10x hats and mitts
4x socks
4x ponchos
7x batteries
3× Lysol Wipes
4x pillows
4x neck warmers
And various food stuffs

If you would like to send any additional items, please drop them off at the reception of the admin building c/o Chief and Council.

We hear the call to action and share the concern for the moose. This is an act of solidarity and reciprocity towards unity of the Algonquin nation. We all have shared responsibilities in the watershed/territory that transcend all political divisions. Climate change, food/water security, disease and systemic racism are unified concerns for all. We see situations in parallel across the country (most recently with the Mi’kmaq) and the world, where the indigenous people are defending and protecting the earth and future for all creation.

Because of social media and our attention on digital communications, we have a clear and direct picture and understanding, compared to days gone by when we used to have to go to great lengths to communicate; now we can respond almost instantly. We can now organize and act in solidarity with indigenous people worldwide.

There are many statements, articles and research that discuss the relationship of Indigenous occupation, ownership, stewardship, co management, involvement, and the biodiversity of the area. Some estimates suggest that indigenous lands are home to up to 80% of the worlds creatures, yet make up only 10% of the total land. This global perspective on our shared responsibility is what drives our action today.

At this time, we are actively discouraging members to travel to the camps themselves, because COVID remains a very live threat. Please show your support online and through a donation of items if you are able to. We know this is an important moment to show support and solidarity, but it is still not worth the risk to many. The delegation will be attentive to social distancing measures and take all necessary precautions.


Wendy Jocko, Chief